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 Post subject: Code of Conduct
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:56 pm 
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This Code of Conduct is not intended to address every issue. Use common sense. If you have no common sense, ask for help, or buy some at the AH.

This applies to Discord, in-game chat and our (rarely used) website.

1. We pride ourselves on honesty and fair play. If you follow this rule, you really don't need any other rules.

2. Don't make the guild look bad. We have a good reputation, don't spoil it. That includes making asinine posts on public forums, being a constant irritant in server chat channels, being unfair (see #1) with loot distribution on runs, or cheating. Having a good reputation is important to us, and benefits everyone in the guild.

3. Don't be greedy (see #1). We have been generous with each other since this guild was founded. People who abide by this have made friends, friends get more instance runs, and everyone benefits. Don't be a loot whore. Don't beg. Don't ask for loans in guild chat.

4. Maturity counts. We do not have age restrictions, but this is a mature guild. If you can't get along in a mature manner, expect to hear from an officer. We don't shell out our $15 a month to babysit other people's maladjusted children, so don't be one. While some joking around is fun, know when to quit.

5. Keep the twitch and l33t-speak in guild chat down to a dull roar.

6. Racist, homophobic, sexist comments will not be tolerated. The same goes for comments regarding people's religious preferences, gender, sexual orientation, etc. See #4.

7. Do not harass other players. If people in the guild are having to put you on their ignore lists, you'd better fix your problem and apologize while you're at it.

8. Understand the basics governing loot distribution. If you're in an instance run and a problem develops, please contact an officer. We can often help resolve disputes fairly. See the raid policy for more details. See #1. See # 3. See #4.

9. We have generally made a practice of giving away items, but never money. People in this guild have often given away items both in game and irl to guildies, and have sold in-game items to each other at steep discounts. Don't beg items off people, however. If senior members want to pass on items, that's up to them. You'll find that generosity is a two-way street. If you're always getting and never giving, "it ain't gonna last." See #3.

10. Multi-playing accounts is against the Bliz' usage agreement. In general, this is between you an Bliz. However: You are responsible for your character's conduct. If you let your "friend" play your account, and they violate our code of conduct, it's the same to us as if you did it.

11. While we auto-invite alts of any player in the guild, we are not an 'alt guild'. If you leave on your main, we will remove your alts. If you are going to remove an alt from the guild to join a friend's guild, it is expected that you simply say something in guild before you gquit to let them know as a courtesy. Ideally ping an officer so there's no confusion in your actions.

12. If a player is no longer in the guild and wishes to re-join, a new application is required. An officer vote will happen in a timely manner and we will respond on the application with the result. Players that left in good standing are generally approved.

13. No politics in guild channels (discord, gchat, raid chat, etc) please.


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